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5 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment
Apartments in Chester, VA

You’ve found the perfect apartment – it’s close to work and your favorite restaurants, it has a lovely view and community features you’ve always wanted, and the floor plan fits you exactly. It’s perfect! But it’s also a blank canvas – plain and just not really “you” yet… Never fear! There are countless ways to upgrade your apartment so that it truly reflects your style. Try out these fun ideas:

Designer Rugs Rugs are a great way to protect your apartment’s floors (and your security deposit)! Add personal style to your home with large area rugs and completely change the look of a room. In addition to adding style and comfort to your living space, rugs are easy to clean and can be swapped out seasonally or if you redesign your apartment in the future.

Removable Backsplash Quickly upgrade your apartment kitchen or bathroom and personalize your space by adding a removable peel and stick tile. Peel and stick subway tile and mosaics are easy to apply and easy to remove and can take your style from drab to fab.

Removable Wall Planks for Your ApartmentUpdate Hardware As long as you save your old hardware, you can change nearly any hardware in your apartment! Change your drawer pulls for your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, swap out your light switch covers for metal or wood, replace ugly light fixtures with models more to your taste, update your doorknobs, vent covers, blinds, toilet seat… you can even replace your kitchen faucet! Just remember to keep the old hardware so that you can replace it if you move.

Contact Paper Countertop Get the look and feel of a marble countertop with a tube of contact paper! Contact paper is easy to remove and comes in lots of styles and colors, allowing you to change the look of your kitchen countertops in an afternoon. And when you decide you want something different? Just peel it off and start over!

LED Lighting Ideas for Your ApartmentPlugin LED Lighting There is a wide variety of LED strip lighting available that plugs into your receptacle and sticks to walls and other surfaces. Many options offer multiple colors and remote control switches! Put some under your kitchen cabinets to create more light when you cook. Stick a strip on the back of your TV or entertainment center for a cool, modern backlit look, or tape them to your bedroom headboard as mood lighting.

Plants and Planters Plants are a wonderful accent to any apartment and can add atmosphere in minutes. But don’t forget the planters! Choose interesting, unique planters in metal or terra cotta to create a luxe but comfortable style for your home.

Removable Wallpaper It goes without saying that removable wallpaper can be used on walls to change your look, but there are plenty of other places you can use it to update your apartment. Cover a scratched refrigerator with shiny black or white removable wallpaper and make it look brand new!

Color Coordinate Your ApartmentColor Coordinate So you used removable wallpaper and contact paper to upgrade your refrigerator and countertops in your favorite shade of blue. Up the impact by matching other components including toaster, mixer, coffee maker, and can opener to that color. You can even find cute extension cords to finish the look.

Upgrading your apartment doesn’t have to require major renovations or expensive purchases. By investing in a few small upgrades — like adding artwork, adding cozy lighting, and bringing the outdoors in with plants and greenery — you can transform your apartment into a place that’s truly representative of you and your style. Give these five ideas a try, and don’t forget to get creative and have fun! If you’re looking for an amazing place to call home, we invite you to discover the Reserve at Rivington Apartments in Chester. You’ll find luxury amenities and easy access to some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment around – perfect for making your new apartment feel like home.