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Finding the Best Dog Groomers in Chester
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Grooming is a major part of a dog’s life, and choosing a good dog groomer is an important responsibility. You can always go to Pet Smart or Petco, but if your pup needs a regular haircut, you may want to hunt down a more unique dog grooming experience. Dog groomers near Chester are a special breed, making it simple to keep your best friend looking his best throughout the year while keeping him happy and comfortable.

All dogs are different, and the same can be said of dog groomers. Your best source of recommendations can often be friends, neighbors, and veterinarians who can give you a clear picture of a groomer. It’s also wise to call groomers and grooming shops and ask if you can stop by for a visit with your pup before booking your appointment to help you determine how your dog responds to different dog groomers. Mobile dog grooming is also a great option for older dogs who have a hard time traveling or for owners who don’t drive.

Fortunately, there are many types of quality, caring dog groomers near Chester! Whether your pup is ready for a bath and a blowout or is in need of a detailed ‘do, there is a local dog groomer who can help. Below are a few options:

Affordable Grooming

Cage-free grooming and more than 20 years experience.

The Barking Lot

Reliable, locally-owned grooming services.

Bows & Bones

Caring, professional grooming for health and comfort.

CC Pet Spa

No cages, just conscientious, careful grooming.

Diamonds & Dutch Pet Bath & Spa

Compassionate care and quality service.

Dog Krazy

High-end products and a focus on keeping pets calm and relaxed.


Outstanding service, expertise, and attention to your pets’ well-being.

Good Dog Grooming Studio

Dog-centered grooming with style.

Lucky Dog Pet Spaw

A passion for dogs and attention to comfort.

Pets at Play

Custom styles and individualized attention to each pet.

Stephanie’s Pet Grooming

Healthcentric service from groomers and vet techs.

Serenity Paws

A relaxing home studio offering high-quality clips.

That Pet Spot

Clean, friendly service for every kind of dog.

Whiskers & Wags

Grooming in a veterinary hospital focused on health and safety.

A wide variety of choices and quality care make Chester a great place to pamper your pet and keep her looking her best. It’s important to read reviews and ask others about their experiences as you look for the best dog groomer for your family. Your search is sure to lead you to the Chester dog groomer that is right for you.