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Five Reasons to Love Apartment Living
Apartments in Chester, VA

Apartments have rapidly increased in popularity, and it’s easy to see the reasons for this. There are so many ways that a great apartment community can make your life simpler and more enjoyable. Most of us know that there are financial and occupational advantages to apartment living, but you may not know that an apartment in Chester can help you to live a fuller, happier, more comfortable life in several additional ways beyond merely attaining a better bottom line.


Apartment communities can help you to enjoy a lifestyle that most of us cannot afford if we were homeowners. Fitness centers and pools are among the many facilities and lifestyle benefits that only the very wealthy can generally install in their own homes. Well-appointed clubhouses also provide unexpected benefits, offering attractive living spaces that might go unused except when you are entertaining if they were in your own home. Rather than maintaining a gorgeous living room that you only use a few times a year (but clean every week), take advantage of pool tables, movie size TVs, gorgeous interior decoration and even meeting spaces when you need them, without having to keep them clean when you don’t.

Outdoor Living

What is true for those indoor living spaces is also true for the outdoor areas that you can enjoy in apartment communities. Impeccably groomed lawns do not require you to be involved in the hassles of mowing, weeding, watering, and leaf removal. Your children can enjoy elaborate playgrounds and jungle gyms without the need for you to purchase, transport, install and maintain them. Walking trails and dog parks make it unnecessary to keep up with fencing or worry about sidewalks and snow clearing. And in the right community, you can enjoy some of the most attractive parts of your city without worrying about strict maintenance rules.

Chester Apartment MaintenanceHome Maintenance

One of the best parts of apartment life is the ability to trust community management to maintain your apartment. Appliances are serviced by your community manager and provide access to convenient, immediate emergency maintenance service. Your community manager is just as interested in protecting your home as you are, so you can rest easy knowing they will find the right solution to any problem. Apartments often use space more efficiently than many traditional homes, making it easier to keep your space clean (and giving you more time to spend with family). While homeowners must address issues like security, parking, trash services, and recycling, your apartment community takes care of these things for you, giving you the time and freedom to spend your time the way you want to.


Apartment communities can exponentially increase accessibility to lifestyle options in ways that very few residential homes can. Proximity to great schools gives your kids an advantage, and may even give you the opportunity to finish a degree or pursue a new career. Great shopping and recreation are often nearby, making it easy to find anything you need and to enjoy the cultural advantages of your environment. An apartment community can make a wider range of jobs available so that you can find a career you love (and maybe even walk to work)!

Chester Apartment CommunityCommunity

The right apartment home community offers benefits that no single home can provide, allowing you to stay in touch with your neighbors and friends. For elderly adults, apartment living allows them to build a support network and keep friends near who will watch out for their needs. An apartment community can also be a great place for kids to make friends, and for parents to get to know babysitters who are close by when necessary. You can also find a workout partner at the fitness center, a dog walker or pet sitter at the dog park, and to make lifelong connections with friends who share not just your community, but your lifestyle.

The right apartment community can change your life and give you the freedom you never thought you could enjoy! Tour the Reserve at Rivington today to find the right Chester apartment for you!