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Get to Know Chester!
Apartments in Chester, VA

Drive down I95 to Exit 61 and discover the beauty of Chester! Chester is located in Chesterfield County, with Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell, and Colonial Heights at its boundaries, in between the Appomattox and James rivers. Chester is a historic community that has been remade in recent years. The original downtown area was a stop on the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad and the Clover Hill Railroad in the 1900s.

Downtown Chester has taken advantage of its rich history and prime location and has transformed into a vibrant community. The mix of family-owned businesses, traditional suburbs, and new residential development offers a unique mix of suburban comfort, urban amenities, and lifestyle opportunities. Proximity to the larger metropolitan Richmond and Chesterfield communities also creates a vast network of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

Chester is generally made up of shops and dining outlets within walking distance of old and new suburban development, with a planned community at its heart that invokes a more urban sensibility. Sidewalks throughout the community allow Chester residents to walk from restaurants to shops. Culinary offerings include delicious authentic Mexican and traditional favorites featuring comfort food that will make you “come back” for more.

Chester is at the heart of Civil War history, having been a site of a Civil War battle. Rather than drive to Richmond’s or Charlottesville’s historic sites, Chester residents can enjoy the local Henricus Historical Park. The park transports you back to 17th-century Henricus, the site of battles, where treaties were forged between early settlers and Native Americans. Established in 1611 by Sir Thomas Dale, Henricus was the second English city to be successful in the New World. It was built beside the James River on the land of the Appomattocks tribe, the original childhood home of Pocahontas.

Chester, VirginiaToday, living in Chester gives you a plethora of choices when it comes to activities. Chester allows you to be near the action in Richmond without actually living there at less than 17 miles from the state’s capital. Chester is located ideally for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, mini-golf, are all within easy reach of Chester.

Outdoor enthusiasts will want to visit the R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks. This 176-acre park includes several athletic facilities and a natural area. The park offers athletic and picnic areas concentrated in the upper areas of the park. The lower areas feature a system of trails including a floating boardwalk through a freshwater tidal marsh. The area is also historically significant: the land was the southern end of the Union position during the Bermuda Hundred Campaign. The remnants of Union earthworks can still be seen along the park road and trails.

Learn more about everything that Chester has to offer by visiting our Neighborhood page. Get to know Chester and make the most of all the opportunities right outside your apartment!