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Sanitation and Safety in Your Fitness Center
Apartments in Chester, VA

The cold weather and the continued rise of COVID infections make it increasingly difficult to find a safe place to enjoy a complete, effective workout. Your community fitness center makes it easy to “hit the gym” without leaving home, but you still need to take precautions just as you would in a public gym. These tips will help you stay fit and avoid infection.

One of the many benefits of living in an apartment community with a fitness center is that equipment is only shared by the residents of your community. No matter how few people use your fitness center, it’s still important to wear a mask, maintain sanitation, and practice social distancing to help protect the health and safety of fellow residents.

– Do not use the fitness center and other public amenities when you are feeling sick.
– Wash your hands when you enter the gym.
– Wipe down equipment before and after using it.
– Avoid public water fountains and don’t touch the mouth of your water bottle with your hands.
– Be aware when you touch your phone, headphones, and other personal items after using the equipment. Sanitize these items after your workout.
– When you get home, wash your clothes and take a shower.

Working out in a mask may seem like a difficult or unreasonable request, but adjusting your workout routine can make the adaptation easier than you might expect. If you usually perform long cardio workouts, now is an excellent time to switch up your routine and introduce circuit training. Keep your heart rate up with short bursts of activity followed by short intervals of rest or weight lifting to keep you from breathing heavily.

Rivington Apartments Fitness CenterIf you’ve always wanted to try yoga, now is a great time to start! Yoga’s meditative effects have been shown to reduce stress, something we can all appreciate as we face new challenges. The slow, measured breathing involved in yoga practice also makes it easier to wear a mask and makes it less likely that you can spread the virus. Pilates is also an effective workout that requires you to control your breathing, making it easier to keep up your fitness while wearing a mask.

Find out about the patterns of other community members and do your best to work out when the gym is empty. It’s safer to avoid sharing air with other exercisers when possible. Even with a mask, you can catch or transmit COVID when you are breathing heavily in an enclosed space with another person for as little as 15 minutes. Plan a few short workouts, perhaps one in the morning and one after work, to minimize your time in the fitness center. It may even boost your energy level to split your workouts into smaller components!

If working out in a fitness center is still not an option for you, check out our blog post about Home Workouts for how to achieve a successful workout right from your apartment!