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Sticks and Stones: Update Your Living Space
Apartments in Chester, VA

Update your Chester apartment style (without losing your security deposit) and try out a new furniture layout! Modern furniture trends allow you to express your individuality in your living room decor using just a few new pieces. A wide variety of affordable, easy to live with designs, shiny accents, and bright pops of color can make your apartment feel like a brand new space!

One of our favorite trends for 2019 is the return to throwback textures and textile prints – chintz wallpapers, seating upholstered in velvet, richly textured crochet pillows, and handmade blankets add bold, eye-catching color and create an enticing blend of textures without spending a fortune. Shop for accents featuring bold colors and textures to dress up your existing furniture and create some appeal for your sofa.

Trends in 2019 are abandoning the traditional sofa-centric design, replacing the boxy three-seater with a statement piece that boasts soft curves and slopes. These softly curving lines create moody, lush rooms with lots of little nooks for potted plants or accent tables. Curved pieces upholstered in velvet add to the luxurious and inviting effect.

Chester Apartment TrendsStill other modern living rooms have discarded the sofa altogether, grouping seats in clusters of four or more around the room. This kind of flexibility can be especially appealing in smaller spaces and among those who to like to entertain, allowing seating to adapt to accommodate guests as necessary. Removing the clunky sofa from the focus of your living room also makes it easier to rearrange your layout whenever you like, rather than being anchored to your layout by your heavy sofa.

Modern living room style is obsessed with textures: toss your favorite vintage crochet throw over the back of the sofa, add some super furry pillows or a terrazzo-topped table, light a corner with a curving lamp in shining gold, and rearrange your seating to highlight an art deco rug that competes playfully with a piece of colorful abstract art. Contrasting textures find their harmony in tone, color, and theme to produce an artistic effect that sizzles with energy.

Chester Apartment TrendsAs you work to create a visually appealing room, take a moment to consider how to make it a comfortable room for your guests where they will feel welcome. Place seating and tables in inviting spaces, and create easy access to outlets guests can charge their phones discretely. Modern end tables and lamps often feature USB outlets for easy access to chargers. Chairs, sofas, and lots of other decorative objects also feature chargers.

Update your apartment with these simple new trends that you’ll love today and tomorrow – and save yourself the hassle of painting!