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What Makes a Luxury Apartment?
Apartments in Chester, VA

If you’re shopping for a new apartment, you’ve probably seen the description “Luxury Apartments” used to describe some apartment communities. What does “luxury” mean in this case? In general, luxury apartment communities earn the distinction by providing “higher-than-average levels of comfort, quality, and convenience”. Is this just a fancy way of saying that they offer extra amenities? What should you expect from a luxury apartment home?

Another common feature of luxury apartments is location. Luxury apartments are often thoughtfully developed close to popular destinations: varied and robust shopping, fine dining, good schools, and other attractive features of an area. Such locations can be too costly for most homeowners to consider but can be offered by luxury apartment communities at a much more affordable rate.

Square Footage
In general, luxury apartments tend to be larger than your average 700-1200 square foot apartment. Larger kitchens, spacious bathrooms, walk-in closets, and multiple bedrooms result in square footage equal to that of a moderately sized single home and often include extras like balconies or sunrooms.

Luxury Chester Apartment at The Reserve at RivingtonQuality and Convenience
Unlike conventional apartments, luxury apartments tend to feature efficient, modern layouts that cater to current lifestyles.  You will also find high-quality flooring and fixtures, modern, energy-efficient appliances, and designer touches like granite countertops and lighting.

The most obvious trait that most luxury apartments share is increased cost. It’s not surprising, however, that rent would increase in order for communities to offer all the benefits of luxury living. Higher rents often account for larger apartments, more popular locations, better amenities, and more.

Among the most attractive features of a luxury apartment community are the amenities. Luxury apartment communities feature some or all of the following:

• Clubhouse
• Lounge Area
• Pool and Hot Tub
• Playground
• Fire Pit
• Grilling Station
• Dog Park
• Tennis Court
• Fitness Center
• Movie Theater
• Billiards Room
• Business Center
• Conference Room
• Mail Service and Package Center
• Basketball Court
• Picnic Area
• Golf Course Access
• Monthly Events

Comfort and Security
A luxury apartment community provides improved security to help you feel safe and protect your property. Security cameras, locked mailrooms, and garages make it easy to feel comfortable as you move about the community. An added luxury is the availability of excellent staff and 24-hour emergency maintenance. Some communities also offer valet trash services and other helpful services.

The most important feature of a luxury apartment community is that it caters to the needs of its residents and attempts to create an enhanced living experience. Communities vary largely depending upon the needs of residents and the complementary resources of the surrounding location, but the goal of such communities remains the same – to provide a higher standard of living.